Sunday, January 3, 2010

Undecoration Day

We started 2009 like this in last January.

And ended like this last week.

After we opened our gifts last week, the house looked like this:

And just now as I took down the stockings and wreaths and banners, and undecorated the tree, folded up the tree skirt, put away the wrapping paper and tape and cards and ribbons and all the folderol that comes with Christmas, I thought about how when we decorate, everyone helps. Our background music is carols and we drink spiced hot cider and eggnog, eat cookies and holiday snacks, but oh man, when you UNdecorate, you are ALONE. There are no carols that sing about the joys of unwrapping the lights from the tree. No one writes about the fun they have with their kids taking down the ornaments. No one writes charming essays about the meaning of putting away Christmas. There are no holiday specials about cleaning up the mess. Now all of the commercials on TV are about Jack Bauer's new season of bad guys and terrorists, and Dan Marino's new diet. Not a one mentions that half of Christmas is a tremendous amount of putting all of this stuff away.
My daughter was telling me this morning that the gym was PACKED with people in the morning before work. January gym rats, starting their shape up resolutions. And all of them were on diets. There is probably not one single can of water-packed albacore in Arlington this week.
None of those people, I'd be prepared to wager, are helping someone put the decorations away.

However, once everything is all put away,(by moms all over the country, working to the background noise of NFL playoffs) the house looks so light and airy, so much more spacious and gracious and uncluttered. At least until the next party.
Happy New Year!

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