Monday, January 18, 2010

Sewing Wish List

Now that I think I've gotten my sewing mojo back (it took a long hiatus there, because I was sick)I've started to think about my next projects.
I've been seeing lots of cute tshirts with fabric flowers on them. That looks easy and fun to do.
I'm not sure about the Three Graces T shirt.(But it is calling my name. It is so pretty!) I'm wondering if it would look good on a person who is large busted? There's a whole lot of fabric there.
I'd also like to make a lace blouse. And a fly front skirt. Also some silk pajamas out of the new HotPatterns Pajama Pattern.
What are you sewing for spring?


gwensews said...

There is a video on the Hot Patterns website, where Trudy shows how to make a fabric flower out of knit fabric on one of her t-shirts.

IowaCowgirl said...

My plan (probably slightly grandiose)is to construct a formal winter coat with gray melton and edge the hood with real fox fur. I figure if I start now, it will be ready by next December maybe.

Also I want to finish my 2009 project of two saddle covers that had a former life as drapes! The material is a hunt scene (of course) and they are extremely durable-looking. I'm lining them with quilt batting and using velcro tabs to close the things.

AuntieAllyn said...

I want to make several more DVF-inspired wrap dresses, since they're so easy to wear and flattering. I also have a couple of the Hot Patterns nightgown patterns on my "to do" list. I've made the long-sleeved/crisscross version of the Hot Patterns top you're looking at . . . didn't work well for me (I am NOT full busted); it does have an awful lot of fabric around the bustline, and I'm not sure it'd be really flattering on a fuller busted woman.