Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Seems to come out small

Notes on pattern envelopes are just one of the pleasures of collecting vintage patterns. Sometimes the previous owner notes colors, fabrics, or personal reminders, like "Sue's wedding party, teal blue taffeta."

Sometimes the notes are a little plaintive, like the one here, that says, "seems to come out small". Since this is a Junior size 11-12, bust 32, in my opinion that's already small. There's a whole novel of teen weight and size issues in that brief pencil notation. Was she in denial about her size? Did she, like every other teenager of my youth, wish to be smaller? Did she buy the right size to start with?
(When I write my novel, should I title it, "Seems to Come Out Small?)

(I always longed for hair like View B. Just look at her, she knows she is too cool for everyone else on the envelope. View C is having a hissy because View B got to wear the cool top.)

This one notes that it belongs to "Belle Dial, Period 4". I see that Belle is a practical girl. She is making this jumper for Home Ec, back in the days when girls took Home Ec. This pattern is from 1970, so I am imagining that Belle is about my age. I made a jumper like this one (mine was Simplicity, and yes, I still have the pattern) when I was in Junior High. The vintage patterns sometimes have swatches of fabric included. I like that best. I'll think, Oh view B is perfect in that creamy blue and tan plaid, or what was Belle thinking to use this green?

Belle was trying to be one of Charlie's Angels with this happening vest (cool 70's embroidery transfers included). She even left some embroidery floss in the envelope, but sadly no fabric swatches, so I don't know if she used fake fur shearling or wool or velvet. Either way, it would have been a vest Starsky and Hutch would have approved of.

What notes have you found on vintage patterns?


AuntieAllyn said...

I haven't seen any notes on my vintage patterns, but I often see a name written on a pattern envelope. Usually, the pattern is uncut, so I often wonder why it was never made by the original owner . . . did she change her mind? Was the event cancelled that she was planning to attend?

Myra said...

I have some that are frankenpatterns, she had notes of use S___ for collar, S ___ for bodice, etc. I thought that was cool.

Christina said...

I love finding notes and fabric swatches with vintage patterns! I haven't found anything quite as interesting though, mostly names and notes on how much fabric to buy.

"Seems to come out small".... we've all been there, sister!

seo solutions said...

have a nice day!

Lindsay T said...

I love remembering my days in Home Ec...choosing a pattern and hoping the teacher would...then picking out the fabric. Insert nostalgic sigh here.

I am not a hoarder and never will be, though I wish I had all my old patterns and at least a swatch from everything I made.