Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If you are ever in D.C. ...

And are wondering, "Where can I get amazing pizza?" then you need to go to Two Amy's in Northwest D.C., near the Washington Cathedral.
Last night was my daughter's 25th birthday, and this was her choice for her birthday dinner. She is quite the pizza expert, since she has eaten pizza all over Italy and all over the world (they have very good pizza in Thailand, in case you're wondering), and she had heard good things about Two Amy's wood fired pizza.
The rest of us are also picky about our pizza. We all loved their pizza and the suppli al telefono weren't bad either.

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cidell said...

I LOVE Two Amy's! But, I haven't been there is a dog's year. I'm a huge pizza snob and this place and Pete's New Haven Grill are two of my favs in the district. I keep trying to get Trena to go to Matchbox (or is it Matchstick)in Chinatown -- but we haven't made it there yet.