Friday, July 27, 2012

Mystery Pattern Theater

Vogue Patterns seems to be telling us a coded story. Extremely thin and hungry women look as though they are evading capture from force feeding activists..
Or they are reclining decoratively on windowsills
reminding me of my cat, Harry, who looks much like a model himself, but much better fed.
Like you, I too play touch football in black dresses made of wool jersey, dresses that took me three weeks to make. How did they know? It would be nice if we could see the clothes pictured more clearly, but that seems to be beside the point. Well done, Vogue pattern people! You’ve made the very thing we look at your website for to be secondary to what you show. I’m sure a masters course in Marketing somewhere describes this phenomenon…something like ‘arty people in New York, get bored, produce unintelligible marketing campaign, understood only b y fellow arty people in New York. Stay tuned for the winter Catalogue. Will our hero be captured and forced to eat non-organic produce?.