Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mom! You Can't Say that!

"Mom! You can't say that Rush Limbaugh is going to hell on your blog!", my daughter said this morning.
"Why not? It's my blog. I can say whatever I want as long as it's true. Besides, I didn't say he was going to hell. The Scripture did that for me."
"But you write a sewing and cooking blog, your readers might not like that. You've got the Bible and Rush Limbaugh in one post. That's dangerously close to "Kids, get off my lawn!"
I considered. Then I said, "All that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to say nothing. The Quakers believed that they had to bear witness against slavery. They went to jail for that. I would consider it a failure of conscience to say nothing. Besides, I have already been accused by my readers of living in Left Blogistan. And they all know I went to Berkeley. Al Franken called him a Big Fat Idiot in a book, and look where Al is now."
She was slightly mollified but it's clear she thinks I am a dangerous radical.
She also said that I can't write anything more about politics. But you know what? Since I was diagnosed with an incurable disease, Rush and his ilk don't scare me. Hello, Doctors without Borders? This fifty is from me.
And Rush? Get off my lawn.


badmomgoodmom said...

Though it is convenient to blame it on Berkeley, that's not the real reason.

Since I was diagnosed with an incurable disease, my bullshit tolerance level (never high to begin with) took a nosedive.

AuntieAllyn said...

If he gets anywhere close to my lawn, I'll turn the hose on him!!!

Well said.

Karen said...

Hose? Hoses are too good for him. I'll use the pressure washer.

cidell said...

I think I love you. Trena and I were talking this weekend about a specific trip just to see you.

IowaCowgirl said...

I've never been to your site before, and now i will DEFINITELY be back.

Rush Lymphnode. yuck

valerie carisella said...

I had no idea that Al Franken came up with that quote"Big Fat Idiot," I thought it was mine! This is my second visit to your site...I'll be back too!