Friday, January 8, 2010

Great Moments in Fabric Literature, Vol III

We told her about the problem of Rose's dress. "It should be pink," she said, "a crinoline effect- there's the very thing here in this week's Home Chat."*
She dived into her satchel for it.
"Oh dear, that would be perfect for her," sighed Topaz.
Miss Marcy blushed and blinked her eyes, and then said: "Could you make it, Mrs. Mortmain? If dear Rose allowed me to give her the material?"
"I'll allow you," said Topaz. "I feel justified."
Miss Marcy shot her a quick glance and Topaz gave her the very faintest nod. I nearly laughed-they were so different, Miss Marcy like a rosy little bird and Topaz tall and pale, like a slightly dead goddess, but just that second they so much resembled each other in their absolute lust to marry Rose off.

Dodie Smith, 1948, I Capture the Castle pg 102

*Home Chat was a popular British Ladies Magazine


Lindsay T said...

I had forgotten about the Little Women reference. For contemporary lit about fabric and sewing, I love The Dive From Clausen's Pier by Ann Packer.

cidell said...

I didn't read this book but I rushed out to see the film. Thanks for the reminder. I'm loving this series!