Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sew For Fun

We take you to a top secret meeting of McCall's Sew For Fun Product Development team:
"What about his and hers ethnic tunics? Chicks dig his and hers stuff!"
"Genius! Hey - Let's make it so both tunics will fit on a flat sheet - because we know girls love sheet designs! And give layouts for that."
"Brilliant! - Hey - I know- howzabout we throw in a special Sew For Fun Craft project?"
"Like what? A tote bag? A picnic blanket?"
", I'm thinking something guy-oriented - I know - a tent!"
"A Tent? Sew a tent?"
"Yes! Chicks will dig making tents to match their his and hers tunics! It'll be HUGE!"

This pattern cracked me up...but if making tents is your thing, here's the link to the listing. Be sure to send us a picture of your shirt with matching tent. Hello Kitty sheets not included.


kbenco said...

Nasty, nasty pattern. That could give a camping husband ideas about what someone should do with their sewing time. I have already explained to my husband that making camping items (or sails) is not sewing, and if he were to see a pattern like that... Would you burn it please?

SuBoo said...

Quality find! :D

The Slapdash Sewist said...

That is hilarious.