Friday, December 13, 2013

Make a Holiday Decoration

 My December Sewing Goal (if you don't recall what they are, they're here.) was  to make a holiday decoration. I do this every year, and it's fun to see the different stockings I've made over the years

Stockings from last year

Crazy Quilt style stocking made this week
Elegant Gold Cotton stocking with Gold Braid trim made this week

Blue and White wool felt stocking with giant snowflake sequins and eyelet trim cuff made last weekend when my sewing machine came back from hospital
Cat about to scoop out the ornaments and use them like hockey pucks all over the house
Stockings are fun to make because they are fast, take very little fabric, and make great gifts and decorations.
You can use a pattern (there are many available) or draw your own - it's an easy shape.
I'm making more this weekend, just for fun.


Mary said...

I love these stockings...perhaps I can whip 2 of them up while in the nice of you to make special cat toys too!

Rose said...

Those are great stockings. I agree that stocking are fun to make. I like seeing them hanging from the mantel even more!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

The crazy quilt stocking is my favorite! The pattern is fun, but the colors are elegant. The perfect balance for the holidays.