Thursday, December 5, 2013

Didn't Happen

Remember this lovely pattern?
This was on my schedule to work on over my Thanksgiving break. That did not happen.

See these partially sewn table runner pieces?
 These didn't get completed either.

These Christmas Stockings are still sitting on my work table, unfinished.
Why so much unfinished business?
Because my sewing machine is 'in hospital'. as my English friends say. If you ever want to know how much sewing you do on a weekly basis, just drop off your machine for a tune up, then discover your back up machine also needs a tune up. It's fortunate that there are no longer small, impressionable young children in the house, because there was strong language used. So I was forced to do the following, to fill my formerly industrious hours:

Watch super depressing movies with family. Seriously, do not watch this movie. Not only is it sad, about a topic that is very distressing, but the plot is full of holes and I had lots of questions. I even woke up thinking about it and worried. Just Don't, and your life will be happier.

Do Christmas shopping. Decorate (which means telling Mr.Hunting Creek to decorate, actually. Delegation, people!)
Clean stuff.(Usually this task is last on my list, and sewing fun stuff for ME is on top Desperate times lead to desperate measures.)

It is supposed to be ready tonight. If it isn't, I'm watching Elf tonight, instead. For Detox purposes.


Mary said...

Clearly you need another backup machine :-)

ElleC said...

I realize this is late, but I highly recommend Love Actually as an antidote for sad/depressing/scary/bad movies. Total chic flick.