Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Gift List Round Up

Holy Family Finger Puppet Cards
Little Hunting Creek blog readers are an elite and highly discerning bunch, and therefore deserve an elite and specially curated Holiday Gift List:

The Holy Family Finger Puppet cards. Because nothing says True Meaning of Christmas like finger puppets.
Also in True Meaning of Christmas category:
Blue Octopus Ornament
Because octopuses figured prominently in the original Christmas story, but were edited out in the Middle Ages by anti-sea creature factions in the Church.

Sometimes a nice Hostess Gift is in order- a little something for the home. How about these super tasteful

Because nothing shows Christmas Spirit like Gold Gilded Showgirls.

Las Vegas Cocktail Glasses Gold Gilded with Showgirls

Are you feeling Christmas Spirit yet?
If not, you will after seeing these Winedeer Ornaments!
For your favorite wine connoisseur

These are a triple gift. They show that you appreciate their love of fine wines, that you also care about the environment by giving a gift made of recycled materials, plus reindeer, people! Or are they moose/ Christmooses? Either way, Gift Success!
To further increase your Christmas Spirit, here are the 42 Worst Nativity Sets, shared by my BFF from High School.
I think this one is my favorite, but it is so very difficult to choose:
Cats were totally there in the stable that Christmas night. Whoever heard of a stable without a cat?
 If I had one of these I  would definitely display it with pride. 

What are your favorite Holiday Gift Ideas? Or have you been lucky enough to receive an unusual gift?
Let the Shopping begin!



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