Friday, April 3, 2009

What Not to Sew, April Edition

In the spirit one of my daughter's and my favorite shows, What Not to Wear, I thought I'd list what I am NOT sewing ( and maybe show what I might sew as well)
In a previous post, I indicated that I felt that caftans were innappropriate for modern life. They might be ok on the beach or lounging around the pool at the Beverly Wilshire, but they are not for me. Many readers wrote in and said that I needed to imagine the caftan on the beach in Mustique. I think it is perfectly appropriate there. But here at our pool on Little Hunting Creek I don't expect to see very many caftans. I usually wear a sarong as a pool cover up, and the other women here wear those, or wrap skirts, or similar pool wear.
I will not be making the oompa-loompa pants. At first I thought that these were a joke. When it became clear to me that they were not a joke, then I wondered, "what is Vogue thinking?" Maybe I just don't get it. Maybe other women want to look like extras in PeeWee Herman movies.

I like this dress instead. Sort of an anti-oompa loompa look. No one will think you're in an odd cult wearing this, which is always a fashion goal of mine.

I was intrigued by this dress, which Vogue rates as Advanced. It looks like an ordinary shirtdress, but it is Ralph Rucci, so who knows what secret voodoo couture techniques might be required. I have one of his shirt patterns, and I am working up the gumption to make it. I guess I just don't feel worthy.

I have this secret fear that I'd make the shirt and run into someone who knows her Ralph Rucci and she'd say something withering like, "oh did you make that yourself?"
in that condescending tone. Which is crazy, because no one I know would even be able to tell.
I won't be making these Vogue Woman pants. What's with the oompa loompa pants patterns?
They just look so HUGE. I am short and I feel like huge round baggy pants might not be my best look. They even make the model look fat, and we all know those girls haven't eaten in years.

I'm finishing up my UFOs before I start my summer sewing. In the great sewing room clean up I uncovered a few projects that missed their chance in the spotlight for last summer, so I thought I should give them a chance at life before this upcoming summer is over.

What are you NOT sewing this spring?


Anonymous said...

Re the Oompa Loompa pants - my thoughts exactly! "What WERE they thinking?"

My objection to caftans is because I'm old enough to remember Mrs. Roper in one. Shudder. Liz Taylor could pull one off, but she could've made a brown paper bag glamorous.

gwensews said...

I am not sewing any of the newest Vogue patterns. They are trying to put themselves in bankruptsy.

Toby Wollin said...

I have to say that the selection of "Hell, NO!" patterns out there is, if I did not already have a nifty collection of vintage patterns, enough to make me turn the key on the sewing room for the whole damn year. Mizono's Vogue patterns make it easy - with my 'shortness advantage', they'd all look horrid. I agree with all your choices. Plus: V8584 (the combat pants), V8587 (if I were pregnant this year, I'd definitely choose this one). The one and only pattern I'd choose to do is Butterick 5321: jacket AND dress and the dress has this nifty v-shaped pleating effect in both the top and the skirt so that it makes an "X" in the front (or, if you prefer, two intersecting 'V's), which I know, given my shape, will look very nice indeed. But for the rest - YUCKO.

cidell said...

The next time I come to DC to see Trena, we MUST hang out :)

Those pants are foul.

I thought I would never wear a jumpsuit again, but I actually kind of really like the one in Burda this month. I last wore a jumpsuit the first day of 6th grade.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

The most recent collection cannot be accused of being boring, that's for sure.

Nancy K said...

Yeah, pretty hideous. I won't be sewing these either. I do like the Ralph Rucci dress, but I don't wear the dresses I do have, so that goes in the I won't be sewing pile too.

Lindsay T said...

Well, I won't be sewing knit tops because I never like mine as well as RTW. No caftans for me, though I do have fond memories of a caftan-like maxi dress I wore in the 70s to lounge around in (the equivalent of today's college-girl sweatpants and hoodies). Probably I'll make some cotton tops and a sleeveless dress or two.