Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Should be A Dress Pattern

When I was scrolling through the new patterns, this one caught my eye. I called my daughter over.(She is the final arbiter of all fashions chez Hunting Creek. If she doesn't like it it doesn't get made) She agreed. McCalls 5851 should be a dress pattern, not a tunic.
Wouldn't it be nice in pique with pretty lace on top? Or in a pretty floral? Or in creamy white and even longer as a wedding dress, or any other summer color as a bridesmaid dress? Also I feel obligated to buy any halfway decent pattern that has separate pattern pieces for different bust cup sizes. This sort of gesture should be strongly encouraged.
She and I will make one (or more) for summer to test our theory.
What are you sewing for summer?


Christina said...

That would be a great dress indeed. I am in the mood for dresses this summer (as always!).

Nancy (nanflan) said...

I think that pattern would make a darling dress. Would it have been so hard to provide a dress view as well? Not everyone has the ability to see the potential dress in a tunic pattern like that and need a little boost from the pattern company.