Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How did they make this?

Do you ever look at the new fashions and stop and say, "Hey, I could make that!" ?
The interesting looking cotton T shirt above could be yours for $345 from Net a Porter. They say, "McQ's black cotton T-shirt with wrap-around scarf will become your off-duty urban uniform. Wear it with love-worn jeans and a soft leather bag to strut downtown" I like the "love-worn"jeans" image. I wonder if mine are 'love-worn" enough. (I'm quirky, I actually prefer new, dark "unloved-worn" jeans.) Or we can figure out how they made it and design our own, with, dare I say, a few improvements.
The base part is easy, I would use my Pamela's Patterns The Perfect T-Shirt for the base shirt.
But how do you think they attached the scarf part? It is hard to tell from their picture. Do you think they just attached the scarf at the back neck and then let it fall freely to each side so one can swoop it about? If you have any ideas, please share, and we can save $345. (Also we can make ours in much prettier colors.)


Christina said...

I prefer 'unloved' jeans too! Wow. Yeah, that would be sooo simple to copy!

SuBoo said...

Yup it definitely looks like the scarf is sewn on at the back, and maybe on the right side (not the left since I zoomed in on one of the pics in net-a-porter and saw a little gap by the neckline on the left). Looks good, but I kinda think that if you just had the top and scarf seperate, you could wear them together or with other things! lol

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I can't tell how it's done. Looking at the inside back neck it kind of looks like the layers of scarf are sewn together, but it would certainly be more versatile not to have it attached! $345 for a t shirt and a scarf. Goodness.

neighbourhood.gal said...

The Gap has similar dresses although the scarf is the same fabric as the dress. http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=13658&pid=594847&scid=594847012

I read that the scarf is just attached at the nape of the neck. You could check it out at your local Gap, I imagine.

badmomgoodmom said...

It looks like the scarf is actually 2 pieces. (Caveat: I only zoomed in on the images and didn't look at the actual garment.)

One piece is attached to the right side of the t-shirt at the side and shoulder seams.

The other piece is longer with a loop at one end; the other end is left to drape freely. The loop is attached to the back neck.

gwensews said...

Slap on a designer name and I guess you can sell anything! But, not to me.

Nancy K said...

I saw this too. That's why we sew! The price is ridiculous.