Sunday, April 5, 2009

Riches to Rags

Has it come to this? Are we now down to making our clothes out of pillowcases?
In the flyer sent to me (they want me to sell this book): In this unique book there are 28 projects to create from pillowcases just waiting to be given a fabulous new look. Is it a pillowcase or …a darling sundress? …a retro-chic, eco-friendly lunchbox? That's up to you, super-crafty sewer!
I don't know about you, fellow sewistas, but I draw the line right here. There will be no darling sundresses made out of pillowcases from the Little Hunting Creek Sewing cave.

Add this to The List of what I am Not Sewing this spring. Is this book a sign of the End Times? Or has this Recession gone on just a little too long? The only way to stop the madness is to dip into stash and a nice vintage pattern and make something luxurious!
Aux barricades!


gwensews said...

One of my unfortunate memories is of my grandmother fashioning clothes from flour sacks. She took apart coats, turned them inside out and remade them also.

My life has been better. I can buy new, wonderful fabric. At least, right now.

Myra said...

I appreciate some refashioning, esp. with 4 small kids and do it quite a bit and have nothing against pillowcase refashions, either, but most of us have wonderful stash and plenty of patterns to choose from. The main thing is that is looks pretty and well-thought-out. Refashioning "just because" doesn't do it for me.

Elizabeth said...

I was right there with you on the pants but the pillowcases are another story. Last summer I made my grandaughter a cute nightgown from an old embroideried pillowcase. She loved it and it was a simple little project. And yes, I could have bought new fabric but I appreciated all the work someone had put into it and enjoyed being able to give it a second life. Maybe someday a stranger will find something I have made and find a new way to enjoy my labors.

Lakaribane said...

I have to disagree with you. I'm not very interested in the concept not because I don't like refashioning but because I've seen this SO MUCH on blogs etc. that I'm over it.

Refashioning is going mainstream, it's time to get out, says my brain.

I do think it's the meeting of two trends: the return of craft and the advent of the crafty blog/site.

Maybe the recession hastened (sp?) things, maybe not.

Haven't we been here before : knitting? felting? bag-making? vintage patterns? japanese sewing books?

You see it more and more online and just when it seems like everybody had their turn, it's in the news or out in paperback.

On the other hand, anything that gets people back into needle arts is a GOOD THING in my book.

melissa said...

Check out the credits in the back of the book. Oh yes, that's me! Unfortunately my project was cut for space, but ah, at least I got paid...

For me, it was more about making this with small amounts of cool fabrics - I sourced all my mockup pillowcases from eBay for a pound or two each and I got really cool retro designs that had zero emotional baggage attached.