Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feeling Insecure

When I tell people I have my own internet business, they say, "Oh you're so lucky! I'd like to start my own internet business!". To those people, I share the following story: Yesterday we got a phone call from a customer who wanted to place a phone order. Which is totally fine. Except the reason, she said, is that the website gave her a warning message saying that the site security certificate was invalid. Which is a weird crazy error. Mr. Hunting Creek calls the website people to find out why they are scaring all of our customers and driving off what business is out there, and discovers that they are no longer open on the weekends. Gee thanks, Network Solutions! Now all our customers will think we've been hijacked by Sengala Rebel Forces. SIGH.
A gal could lie awake at night and worry about all the business being driven away by this error, but, as Mr. Hunting Creek says, no worries, no one is buying anything nowadays anyway. Isn't he a little ray of sunshine!
Since there is absolutely nothing I can do until tomorrow, I have decided to clean my sewing zone. It has evolved into a mess so profound, that even the researchers who wrote about messiness and political preferences were unable to determine my political leanings. "You've moved beyond all of our research.", they said. Kind of like those old maps in story books that show the unknown parts of the world with the warning: Beyond these lands, there be dragons. That's the only only explanation for what is on, under and around my desk: dragons. They sneak in at night, like the mouse in the kitchen that my daughter saw last night, trying to drag a girl scout cookie bigger than the mouse itself into its secret mouse lair. (We will find you, Mrs. Mouse. These *&^#@# dogs are good for nothing. What we need is a cat around here!)
Scientists have found that cleaning and organizing makes people feel happier and more in control of their lives. Maybe if ALL of us cleaned and organized our desks this month for spring cleaning, we'd all be more cheerful lately.
Something to think about.
Happy Sewing (and cleaning!)


cidell said...

My sewing room is so bad that I've got a quilt project going on the floor because I can't clear my cutting table. Bad.

gwensews said...

Hats off to anyone who owns a business. And good luck getting your problem resolved.

I'm a neat-freak. Sorry. I cannot sew unless everything is organized. What does that mean anyway? said...

My sewing room is a bit of a wreck, too, but I am putting off cleaning it because I have to relocate it in a week or so.