Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Certain Age

I may be a lady of a certain age, but I like to think of myself as more like Buffy than Mrs. Roper
Tell me McCalls, why do you want me to wear a caftan?
Caftan should ONLY be worn under the following circumstances: you are traveling in a caravan by camel to the source of the Nile. Every evening when the caravan stops at an oasis, you bathe and slip into your silk embroidered caftan and recline while quiet servants bring peeled grapes, cool juices and delightful mezze to awaken the appetite. Perhaps Robert Redford or Ralph Fiennes is peeling those grapes.
Other than that occasion, I'd vote NO on the caftan issue.
Dear McCalls, please take back this caftan, the baggy unsuitable babydoll tops, and instead bring me the suave, witty, sophisticated patterns I ordered.
Thank you.
Mrs. Hunting Creek


Audrey said...

Ok, I have to speak up and say I actually bought this pattern last week. Not to be sewn up and worn as evening lounge attire at Casa Young. No, it was going to be a beach coverup. To be made in a light transparent fabric that would gracefully cover the lumpy, winter white shape that lurked beneath, while walking from the sandy shores of Barbados to the rented sea side villa. Okay, it was a $4.00 (Club BMV discount) fantasy purchase. It won't get sewn up by Friday when we leave. The sandy shore and villa part is real, but my beach coverup will be a brown, non-transparent T shirt shaped thing from Target that has server me well. A girl can dream!

Lindsay T said...

But that's an icky caftan pattern. Not all of them are this bad. Think India Hicks on Mustique or whatever island she calls home. I think there will be a lot of caftans at my beach club this summer.

Nancy W. said...

I was actually at the Source of the Nile last week, and BELIEVE ME, NO ONE was wearing a Caftan! I really can't think of any appropriate occassion! (at least not for one like this.) Some of the BWOF caftan-like long tunics in chiffon are interesting though.