Thursday, January 1, 2009

Slow is IN

My secret vice: the IN/OUT lists, especially in our hometown paper the Washington Post. Some things I even get to explain to Mr. Hunting Creek, which makes me feel delightfully au courant.
What these lists tell us is what they think will be in and out. My list below is what I want to be in and out.

OUT: those horrible, trashy, Real Housewives of...shows. Because what is so OUT as a Housewife, anyway? Words cannot describe the horror these shows are. They are all so yesterday anyway. Who has that kind of time to conspicuously consume anymore?
IN: Shows about sewing, designing, creating and running a creative business. I think it would be interesting. Also travel - but real travel, not glamour travel. Not just 100 best beaches stuff.
OUT: Those awful babydoll dresses that make women look pregnant. I don't like them. I say they're spinach, and I say the hell with them.
IN: Fashions that make women over the age of 19 look sexy yet not slutty
OUT: Sexism. I still see, hear and read comments from our elected leaders, newspeople and others that make me cringe. What planet are you on, Bill O'Reilly? Planet 1965? (Not to pick on just Bill alone, there are countless examples of men who should Know Better being sexist. Let's resolve for 2009 to quit this bad habit.)
IN: Feminist men. Brad Pitt as an example.
OUT: Money
IN: Making do and enjoying what we have. Of course, we should have done this before, but now, no one has any money, so we have to. We might as well make it enjoyable.
OUT: Socialites
IN: Women of achievement. Let's celebrate women for something more than their gene pools, checkbooks or marital accomplishments, shall we?
OUT: Shopping
IN: Sewing at home. It's fun and mastering any craft is good for our mental health. One of the surprises of 2008 was the popularity of apron patterns. This tells me more people are sewing AND cooking and that's a good trend.
OUT: Fast Food
IN: Slow Food. Cooking at home is enjoying a renaissance. Eating at home with your family is not just good for the bottom line but also good for strengthening family ties and mental health.
OUT: Recession Gloom and doom. 2008 is over baby! Out with all that gloomy recession-speak.
IN: 2009. New Year, New President, new direction, NEW New Deal, new economy, new everything.
As my idol Tim Gunn says, "Make it work".
Slow is good, fast is out. Flashy is out, REAL is IN. 2009, you are my new favorite year.
Happy New Year to all, and thank you for visiting Little Hunting Creek.


Lindsay T said...

Great list! Yeah, let's hear it for home sewing!

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Good list!

Dawn said...

"OUT: Those awful babydoll dresses that make women look pregnant. I don't like them. I say they're spinach, and I say the hell with them."

This made me laugh out loud! Your list kicks ass and thanks for the laugh! I totally agree.

gwensews said...

Hooray--a real list for real women!!

gwensews said...

Hooray--a real list for real women!