Friday, January 2, 2009

Inaugural Ball Faux Pas Prevention

Do you lie awake at night, drenched in a cold sweat, chilled to the bone with worry that someone else will wear the same gown that you are wearing at the Inaugural Ball? Oh the horror! But never fear! Some good samaritans have invented an Inaugural Ball Dress Registry to prevent this future social catastrophe.
Of course, if you make your own dress, no one will have one like it. The Balls are not until Jan 20th. Since I always make everything at the last minute no matter how much time I have, that is plenty of time to whip up a ball gown.
If I were going I would make Evening separates in jewel tones, so that I could wear the pieces again in other combinations. I like Vogue 2607
After the ball, I'd make the short skirt and another harmonizing blouse to complete the ensemble and I'd be set for weddings, the Georgetown cocktail party circuit and evening receptions. But maybe this is too practical for you? Maybe you have a killer figure and you want to show off a little?
Then why not wear Vogue 2880?

Don't forget that there is a lot of standing, it is very crowded and it gets really cold in Washington in January, so don't forget a wrap and a handsome date in a tuxedo. All you need now is an invitation!
Happy Sewing!


kbenco said...

:))), thanks for preventing faux pas.

snow said...

Love the Vogue pattern 2607 It's perfect for so many occasions.Thanks for showing it.