Thursday, January 22, 2009

Change is Good

Have you ever heard something your whole life, but never thought about what it really meant until someone pointed it out to you? When my son and I were watching Jon Stewart last night on the Daily Show, he showed a clip with dozens of nitwit media types at the Mall asking people, "Did you ever think you'd see this day in your lifetime?" And it struck me; what a racist, sexist, backward, close-minded thing to ask. They were assuming that the unspoken answer was, "No, I never believed that people could rise above old bad beliefs, racism, and prejudice. We never learn, we never advance, so I never thought this day would come."
The media totally missed the boat here, because the American people WERE ready for this day. And if this can happen in our lifetimes, what other wonderful things can happen, if we are open to the possibilities?
A second beef that I have is with some journalists and self-appointed Fashion Police who criticized the First Lady's awesome dress. I read, "no sparkles in the daytime", "her gloves and shoes don't match", and on and on. My daughter, an etiquette fiend (both she and her brother went to Cotillion) pointed out that they were all wrong. "The First Lady," she says, "is ranked first socially in our society. Therefore whatever she does is correct in matters of manners and fashion, because her social rank is the highest. She is literally, THE First Lady. Therefore, if she wears sparkles in the daytime, the sparkles are Correct. Also the gloves and shoes not matching - also correct". It is clear to both of us that journalists and many bloggers have never been to Cotillion. The same rule applies to President Obama's white tie. I read many people say that the white tie was incorrect. Sorry, people, he is the President, he doesn't have to follow your old Fashion Rules. Same etiquette rules apply - he ranks first, what he wears is thus correct. Besides, he said he was bringing change.
Change, as Sheryl says, will do you good.


cidell said...

I was ONE HUNDRED PERCENT in love with his white tie. It's funny you meantion the Daily Show. I was watching it too and felt a little uncomfortable and wasn't sure why. I think you just nailed it for me.

Toby Wollin said...

Wow - well, I did not go to Cotillion, so I did not know about First Lady Rank. That is definitely a good thing to know. I will remember that. On the other hand, I loved the dress, was just so excited to find out it was made from wool lace and thought Michelle Obama looked absolutely fantastic in it. Sparkles or no sparkles; matching gloves or not. I think her regal (and obviously warm because she keep right on ticking through the day in that outfit)appearance was a huge step above Jill Biden, who appeared to be pinched and cold through most of the day. I'm not sure if it was due to the length of the coat, the length of her skirt, or perhaps her not having something warm underneath the coat but Michelle certainly outshown her all day long.

-E said...

don't laugh at me... but it's kinda like "Princess Diaries"- whatever the princess does is what is supposed to be done.
(can you tell I need some grown-up time? :)

Kelley said...

It's so nice to read such matter-of-fact POSITIVE and supportive opinions. It's all to easy these days to sit back and nitpick without reflecting on all that is good and right in the world. So, thank you. You've put a lovely smile on my face this morning!