Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Questions for J.K.Rowling

Dear J.K. Rowling,

Since we are now in the process of second guessing , I’d like ask a few questions.

1. Why do you now suddenly think that Hermione is “settling” for Ron? I can understand why she might love Ron. Hermione was an only child, raised by Muggles. The Weasley family welcomed her with open arms and with them she got the whole package: ready made family, a witch mother in law and sister who would understand her, and the support and acceptance every young person needs. She wasn't only marrying Ron. She was marrying his whole family. Same with Harry. He isn't really just marrying Ginny. He is getting the big family he craves.

I would have matched Hermione with Draco or Viktor, but don’t those choices say more about ME than about Hermione’s character? Aren't you also projecting a little but here? .

2. Why do wizards get married so young? Also, why does Hermione have to get married at all? This alone seems awfully regressive. If any woman can take care of herself without a man, it would be a witch.

3. What kind of family planning do wizards use? Just curious here, as this isn't explained. Perhaps a potion of some kind?
I would hope that magical methods would be available for BOTH witches and wizards, so that finally the whole burden of family planning isn't on the woman.

4. Even though Mrs. Weasley is a powerful witch, how come she is the one stuck at home doing housework and cooking?

5. Why does Madame Malkin have to pin up fabric on their robes  and hem them? Is fabric resistant to magic? Is that why Lupin’s robes are so shabby? Because he can’t repair and replace them by magic?

6. Aren't there any jobs or industries in the Wizarding world? Is the only career options available working for the government, being a small business owner or being born with money?

7. Don’t you think that you need to write about Wizarding Detectives working in the Muggle World, solving crimes? Of course you do!

Looking forward to your answers.


T. Sedai said...

This made me giggle.

And I totally agree about the kids wanting to be a part of the family as a big reason for their romantic choices.

As a side note: I always thought the Harry/Ginny relationship felt more forced than the Ron/Hermione one.

Also, doesn't J.K. know the rule of love triangles? In a case with two girls, one guy then the guy picks whoever he wants and the leftover female usually has the good sense to go off and die in some epically tragic way (seriously, this happens in, like, every piece of classical literature ever). And even if the guy changes his mind, he still gets whichever girl he is more interested in at the time. When you have two guys one girl then she always ends up with the "less obvious" choice. They take the thief over the prince, the pilot over the captain, the smuggler over the Jedi (ok, ok, I know - but let's be clear - she made her choice BEFORE she found out they were related). It only made sense that Hermione picked Ron over Harry.

Also, poor Ron.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I love these questions! However, in the case of the shabby robes and the impoverished Weasleys, I think the books do a pretty good job of saying that magic can neither create nor destroy matter--a shabby robe can be mended but not made whole. Still doesn't explain why Mrs. Weasley has to do so much housework!

I'm totally with you an the wizards getting married too young. I think Hermione and Ron might actually have ended up together given the bond forged during all their intense shared experiences, but Harry and Ginny would have broken up eventually if they didn't get married so quickly.