Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our Winter of Discontent

How we spend our time in winter:
                           Etta and Harry fantasizing about being cheetahs and bringing down that deer.

Did you read this? "He complained that his wife was 'unable to lunch elsewhere' because
she was wearing a tiara":
This kind of difficulty is what my daughter said should be hashtagged #nobilityproblems.
I know all of us are grateful for the kindness of a fellow peer.

Only boring sewing going on here: making throw pillow covers. However, lots of writing, thinking and planning. Plus redecorating, baking Cinnamon Bread, and more writing. 

How are you spending your winter of discontent? (can you wear a tiara there?)

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Helene said...

Since we have had 'the new transatlantic addition' (my daughter and sil had a baby in London)my 'must make all clothing for the first year or two' has kicked in and I've been busy knitting and sewing up a storm for the baby. And fiddling around with screen printing (every baby should have at least one item of clothing that makes a groaner of a pun on his or her first name). And insulating the floor joists in the basement because of the dreadful coldth.