Thursday, November 7, 2013

Freestyle Fishing

We interrupt our Holiday Food Trolling to show you a pretty fish quilt I made, inspired by the fish in Susan Carlson's book, Freestyle Quilts.

Every single person who came in my office walked over to this piece and flipped it over to look at the back so here are some shots of the back, where you can see the quilting:

And some close ups:
See the daisy? See the artichoke?

Make sure you look at the quilts on Susan's website; they are amazing.
My kids love this fish quilt, because it's made out of flowers and vegetables.
They show it off, saying,: "Look, there's corn! There is an artichoke!"
Susan's method reminds me of Matisse, but with fabric scraps. Of course, doing these encourages my tendency of saving scraps too small to be saved.


Karen in VA said...

Wow....very pretty..and're a better women than I...

Venus de Hilo said...

So much fun! Love, love, love that daisy fisheye!

Used to think I saved ridiculously small scraps; now that I've discovered scrappy fabric collage I'm keeping even smaller ones.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

This is beautiful! I just love the quilting lines and the way they emphasize the motif. Lovely.

Mary said...

Very lovely, and inventive.