Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scary Patterns III Dolls Gone Wild

It's a running joke with my family that I don't like scary movies, scary pictures, scary anything. I especially don't like movies with dolls that come to life and kill people, or dolls that have evil intentions. Some people love dolls and country-style decorating. We had a next door neighbor who was a very sweet person, but her house was full of ducks with kerchiefs and ruffled aprons and dolls and cute bunnies. It was enough to give me nightmares.
My brother and sister are well aware of what gives me the creeps, and that's why they were especially happy when they found this pattern in North Carolina. (I have nothing against North Carolina. Great Barbecue, lovely people.)
What a sinister mind that thought up doll vacuum cleaner covers! I make no claims to be a perfect housekeeper, but never in a thousand years would I have dreamed of covering my vacuum cleaner with a doll-shaped cover that has a bonnet and a ruffled apron. I don't consider my vacuum cleaner in need of a cover. It's fine by itself, and when not in use, it hangs out in the closet of my workroom.
However, I know that different people have different tastes, and to those people I say: enjoy. (But don't those eyes remind you of Coraline?)


Beangirl. said...

Dolls are just BAD. Bad bad bad.

Vacuum covers sort of defy words.

Karen in VA said...

If that were covering my vacuum, I'd never use it again.....of course, for now, I have other excuses for not using it....And why would anyone waste valuable sewing time making one of those??