Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Big Sort

With every step between my bins of fabric up from storage and the new Giant Wall O' Fabric installed in my new Sewing Studio, I have to step over the above Springer Spaniel. Petey is 11 and "retired" so she sees no reason to move just because she is In My Way. If I move, she moves. It keeps me alert. When my sewing cave was packed up by Mr. Hunting Creek, in his frenzy of organization last November, he just tossed everything into boxes and bins. No rhyme or reason. Now I am unpacking and wondering why I kept certain things. Teeny tiny scraps from a baby quilt or a shirt I made 10 years ago? why yes, I have that.

I had a liberating thought this morning. I didn't have to keep tiny scraps. So I have been throwing them away. My daughter should be here; she loves to throw stuff out. Big pieces will be donated to a worthy quilty cause - there are lots to choose from.

What I am keeping is being neatly folded and added to my Wall. It looks pretty. I'll have to have my daughter the Dominatrix Organizer whip it into colorful artistic shape, but for now, it's moving from the boxes to the shelves. I'm trying to decide how to separate the quilting fabric from the fashion fabric. Or should I just do everything by color? (This is what we call a high class problem.)
I've been jittery and crabby without sewing; I've been like an addict without my fix. Sewing calms me and makes me happy. I've missed it these last few months while my room took shape.
While I sort and fold, I'm trying to decide what my first project will be. I dropped a piece of flannel, and turned around to get something out of the closet before I picked it up. But never fear, Petey laid right down on it to keep it secure on the floor. It's so nice to have helpers!


sewing spots said...

Ah, but all that hard work will be rewarded when you are done and free to create and enjoy once again! Dogs are good company, aren't they?

Becky said...

Your wall of fabric is looking lovely. Just a word to the wise, be sure it is out of the sunlight. I had a similar wall in a west facing sewing room. My fabrics were faded and damaged by the light. In my new sewing room I have sacrificed the beauty of a fabric display in favor of cabinet doors to protect the fibers.