Friday, March 25, 2011

Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter

This new book looked just right for starting my new sewing studio on the right foot.
I'll freely admit to being a disorganized sewista. My patterns are in an order known only to me, my fabrics are sorted by my own Secret System and I have a whole basket full of UFOs. I'm hopeful that reading this book will enable me to change my wicked ways. If changing your own wicked ways appeals to you, find a copy here.
I'll be reading the fabric storage chapter very closely.

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TotallyTidy said...

Mrs. Little Hunting Creek,

Thanks for picking up my book. Will you tell us someday about your Secret System for fabric sorting? Or is it too wicked a way to share? Let me know what ideas you liked.

Keep tidy, every day.

Carolyn Woods
Professional Organizer