Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spring Projects (I hate Winter)

Let's be clear about Winter. I am through with it. I am working on Spring Projects and not going outside until everything thaws. That's my goal.
I am working on the following projects:
A brooch for my jackets and hat brim, using the zipper trim packet
just for fun. I am also completing a pair of blue linen capris and planning some blue tops to go with them, because I like to make coordinates. But almost everything I have goes with everything else anyway, because I stick with the same colors.
It makes life easier.
I am thinking of buying the following pattern for spring:

Hey McCalls, Vogue, Butterick, and Simplicity, I have a question. Why aren't all of your patterns available in ABCD and DD cup sizes? Why don't you make all of the patterns available in all of the sizes? Why are some only available up to size 18, and others up to 26? As Cindy-Lou Who said, Why? If you can make size 16, you can make 18 and 20 and 22. If you can make size 8, you can do 6. I can alter my patterns to make them larger or smaller, but I am over 50 and have been sewing since I was a child. Don't you want to make sewing easier and more fun to attract younger sewists?
I think you do. So take my advice. Make every pattern available with all of the cup sizes and make every pattern available in all of the sizes.
I am only buying patterns that have them from now on, as a protest.
Sincerely, Mrs. Hunting Creek

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Karen in VA said...

Think it would do any good if all of us in blog land wrote letters? I also read Carolyn's post on this subject.. It's frustrating. Today was my aws day off and it took me all day to make adjustments on the Crepe dress, sew it up and partially sew a muslin of a pencil skirt... oh well...

Did you ever make it to the new Goodwill? Did you go inside? I may have to check it out - need more old bed sheets for muslins...