Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Accessory Checklist 1943

One of my Christmas gifts this year was The Complete Book of Sewing by Constance Talbot, copyright 1943. (My copy looks not only as if it has been through the war, but that it may have actually fought in the war. It is slightly battered but still holding together. Constance still has a lot of fight left in her.)
In order to keep my Resolution to look cute every day, I consulted with Miss Talbot for her time-tested advice.
Constance says:

January: To brighten your winter coat, wear a huge flower boutonniere of violets, or gay varicolored felt flowers. Carry a muff-bag, and repeat the flowers on the bag. Match your gloves to the flowers.

February: Remove flowers and make a new print turban and dress or blouse with scarf ends. Pull the ends through to show at the opening of your coat. Wear gloves in the predominating color of the print.

It just so happens that my sister also gave me a lovely Felt Flower brooch that I can attach to my winter coat! I'm right on schedule, accessories-wise. YES! I have no idea what a muff-bag might be, but I'm sure that my handsome black leather clutch with fur trim will suffice. It was a gift from Mr. Hunting Creek and he has exquisite taste.
I'll have to get cracking on the 21st century version of a turban. I think I'll wear a chic black hat with a brooch that coordinates with my outfit, should I venture out for my monthly culture Resolution (Go out to the movies, plays or museums,)
I do have gloves and scarves in several colors, so Constance would be proud.

How are you doing on your resolutions, my fellow Resolutionaries? Remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with just one single step towards your goal. Also, go and get that new varicolored felt brooch for your coat. Miss Talbot says so.


Myra said...

Someone posted a muff bag on a pattern once, maybe Erin (Dress A Day). It has the muff tube with an attached mini purse below if I remember correctly.

Myra said...

Here is one I found on the web for a crochet one.

sewing spots said...

Eh, no resolutionaries here. Day by day is the motto here for now and it's working so far! Love the accessories ideas though!

Anonymous said...

I have no resolutions, but I do have some felt flowers that I bought in Paris a couple of years ago. I'll break them out today and put them on my coat. Claudine

melissa said...

Aahhhh! I have this book! I just LOVE it! All the subtext about refashioning your husband's clothes while he's off fighting (because he's not going to need them again) and teaching your daughter to sew... What a wonderful book.