Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scary Patterns II

Any cat I have ever known would just as soon take a cold shower with a dog than wear a silly costume. What did McCall's do to get these cats to wear these costumes?
Feed them a whole can of sardines? (Laced with Valium?)

My sister's cat Matilda, famous for stalking and killing giant lizards, snakes, gophers, and even a hummingbird (!!!) scoffs at cat costumes.
If your cat loves costumes, find it here.

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beangirl said...

Oh dear god almighty. Please do not let The Big One see this blog post. Or there will never be peace again.

(Um. My oldest child routinely drops phrases like "If we put a costume on the cat, do you think...?" and "I think the cat would really love to wear...." So far I've managed to lie-- I mean, convince her that there's no such thing as Cat Costumes.)