Friday, December 17, 2010

The Little Stocking that Could

I found this little pattern from 1965 in my collection of patterns from my mother's stash. (I have patterns and fabric from her, Mr. Hunting Creek's mother and Mr. Hunting Creek's aunt. It's a whole family reunion in there.) "What a cute little train!", I thought. My daughter works for Amtrak, so a train stocking was indicated, even though the back of the pattern clearly states, "For Boy's stocking..."
Why can't girls have trains on their stockings? Why do only boys get planes and trains? "Because girls were supposed to stay home and take care of babies." said Mr. Hunting Creek. Bah Humbug to that! I immediately decided to rectify this grave stocking travesty of justice and make Ms. Hunting Creek a train stocking. It's Acela blue, with stars overhead to show the train running through America under the night sky.

The wheels are shirt buttons from my button stash. The train and stars are made from felt, and the smoke from the engine is from a scrap of sequin trim. Doesn't it look cute?
After making this I visualized a whole baby quilt made with train blocks and stars, train blocks and mountains, train blocks and's amazing what a little project can do to unlock one's creativity.

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beangirl said...

When The Big One was a toddler, much of her clothing had airplanes and rockets on it, because she demonstrably loved them. Even as a little baby she would stop and stare and wave her hands excitdely whenver she saw an airplane fly overhead. People sometimes asked if she was a boy. We just figured she could be an astronaut when she grew up. Right?

(Unfortunately, she's a midget and weighs next to nothing, so probably not. The one woman pilot I knew who was in contention for astronaut training spent most of her time trying to keep her weight up high enough to stay on the flight list. The Big One is going to be waaay smaller than her. Good thing she's moved on to an obsession with horses. Jockey's are midgety-type people, right? Because of course, our children will only be things like asronauts or famous jockeys, not, you know, CPA's or waitresses.)