Saturday, May 15, 2010

You're invited...

One of my guilty pleasures of our new technological world is the evite invitation. Proof that while the world may be going to hell in a handbasket, some new things are fun. This morning Mr. Hunting Creek was looking up the details of a party we were invited to, and he confessed that he always looks to see who else is coming, who isn't coming and what their excuses are. "I do that too!" I said. Which just shows two things: we are both Nosey Parkers, and are meant for each other (who else could stand us?)
The excuses for not attending were mostly the usual: attending graduation party or visiting relatives. Some people wrote that they'd be lying on a beach somewhere, others made sure to imply high level, Very Important Business Trips (this is Washington, D.C., after all.) But my favorite excuse was: Going to Cleveland to attend the unveiling of my uncle's stone. (Tomb or kidney? was my unworthy thought)
Am I the only one (besides Mr.Hunting Creek) who reads the guest list? Tell me I'm not alone in enjoying the excuses. I won't tell your mom.


beangirl said...

This has opened a heretofor unknown world for me. Since I am essentially a hermit z(and also no one likes me), I have never even heard of an evite and certainly never had entertained the notion that such a thing would include visible responses by the invitees.

That is totally AWESOME.

If I were privy to such an invitation I would spend all day perusing the excuses (I would also probably try to make up really entertaining excuses of my own, assuming I wasn't planning on attending said function-- which is pretty likely... hermits aren't really known for their party attitude.)

cidell said...

I *totally* read other people's excuses. Mostly because I'm just nosy too :)

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Totally an evite snooper. I've been known to go back to one after I've already RSVPed to see the new responses.