Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Clothes Police are Real

Once again, I am grateful that I live in the United States, where we are free to wear what we please (for now anyway), even if it is in bad taste.

A real life example of the Clothes Police:
MEULABOH, Indonesia – Authorities in a devoutly Islamic district of Indonesia's Aceh province have distributed 20,000 long skirts and prohibited shops from selling tight dresses as a regulation banning Muslim women from wearing revealing clothing took effect Thursday.

The long skirts are to be given to Muslim women caught violating the dress code during a two-month campaign to enforce the regulation, said Ramli Mansur, head of West Aceh district.

Islamic police will determine whether a woman's clothing violates the dress code, he said.

The Clothes Police everywhere are always very worried about how women are dressed, I have noticed. Not so much men.


Marie-Christine said...

These people are behind. In Saudi Arabia, the originators of the Clothes Police, women are starting to strike back
Good for them :-)!

beangirl said...

I wholeheartedly despise the Clothes Police, as so gruesomely exampled by the Taliban for instance. On the other hand, when I see how some people are dressed in public here, I sometimes just want to smack them upside the head.

Fortunately, I'm not allowed to do that in this country.

beangirl said...

Sorry, I just wrote "Taliban" on your blog. Now the Internet Police and/or some wacko person will probably hound you.

Oops. I just wrote it again. Holy mackerel.

Ha! My word verification is "pater". Go figure.

lorenakitty said...

Oh geeesh. Long skirts? Really...? That frickin' important in the grand scheme of things? What about clean water? Food? Electricity? Health care? Etc., etc., etc., Oh no, that would mean education and we can't have that. Absolutely no.