Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stripe Problem

Maybe the sewistas at Vogue had a different Home Ec teacher than I did. But couldn't they have matched the stripes on the front of this dress? I know I would have - they did on the back! (with big stripes you have to decide, where do I really want this to match? I'd think the obvious answer - at least to me and Mrs. Smithers my 7th grade sewing teacher - would be the center front...just saying'...)
I don't think I'm unduly modest, but for me, that's really low cut. To wear this I'd raise the neckline about 3 inches.(I exaggerate - maybe only 1 and a half - but again, I have to test to be sure.) I do like the idea of the low front and back, just not quite THAT low. To raise a neckline, in case you've never done it before, just draw a new line where you want it be, make a quick muslin of the bodice and test it out. Just do what my mom would call a 'quickie' front and back and see if that suits your vision. Look in the mirror - is that too low? Not low enough? (If you have a teenage daughter, they are very handy for this) Remember to allow for seam allowances and also don't forget to change any facings, if any, on your final version (I don't do facings for the test version.) Keep in mind that the skirt will pull the bodice down a little more, espcially if your fabric is heavy.I think I'd do a full lining on a dress like this. But I would match the stripes! (And you should too...Mrs. Smithers says.)


Nancy K said...

I hate to bust your bubble but this is a designer original and vogue didn't sew it. this badly matched dress came directly from the designer who charges several hundred dollars for this dress. I noticed this mismatch right off too. It is too low and the back would need a special bra to wear it like this, or no bra as the model is probably doing.

KID, MD said...

Eww, I thought that myself when I saw this one. What's up, Vogue?? I wonder if they matched the stripes at the side, then couldn't at CF.