Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Emergency

Here is Northern Virginia, panicking before a snowstorm is our major winter sport.
The grocery stores are cleared out.
Mr. Hunting Creek stopped at Trader Joe's yesterday afternoon and reported that the meat aisle was picked clean (except for filet mignon and prime ribs) and there was no bread! None! or onions, or dog food. Plenty of vegetables though. But no low fat milk. Jack Shafer of Slate posted a picture showing that vegetables were cleaned out at his Safeway.Except for mushrooms. I guess those don't go in Super Bowl Chili.
All of the snow shovels are sold out. (I always wonder - don't these people already have snow shovels? It does snow every year. We've had ours since 1990. They last a long time.)
It hasn't started yet, but we are ready. Bring on the hot chocolate!


The Slapdash Sewist said...

I was staying at the bf's last night and didn't get to the grocery store. I'm planning to go on the way home from work tonight but what if there is no food????

AuntieAllyn said...

Thank goodness this is one DC area snowstorm that I'll miss! It's always so lovely, though (until you have to drive to work in it). said...

I always crack up when people wipe out the dairy case for a weather emergency - particularly when it's for a hurricane in the south.

Hello? It is hot outside and you are likely to lose power. Why is everyone stocking up on milk?

In your case, it is actually encouraging to hear that the produce section was wiped out, too.

gwensews said...

There's nothing quite like a snow storm! People panic, as if they won't be able to get to a store for 6 months. Good luck, and sit back, with your hot chocolate and a good movie or a good book, great music, exquisite food and wait it out!

Linda said...

Same situation in our part of VA. Sent DH to store yesterday for a few essentials. I always do grocery shopping on Friday evenings, and it keeps snowing every dang Friday! We have about 8 inches of snow and expect some more tomorrow.

cidell said...

There was like one banana at Giant. I seriously went to CVS to look for food.