Friday, February 19, 2010

Modesty in Style

The New York Times says that Modesty is back in style. Since few of the women of my acquaintance wore see-through blouses to work, or sky-high mini skirts at any time, this is welcome news. Of course, where as a designer can you go from nearly naked? Yes, you do covered up.(I'm surprised they didn't suggest habits. But they might. Maybe that will be the next hot thing. You heard it here first.)
My daughter called me and said I had to look at Marc Jacobs new designs, and so we looked at the slide show together on the Internet. We both really liked what we saw. Clothes that real women might wear! It seems that the designers have suddenly gotten religion, because other collections had wearable by normal women possibilities.(It's so refreshing what fear of complete penury will do.)
I saw many designs that a moderately skillful sewista could copy (as an homage of course) like gray A line skirts, military-influenced jackets and pretty dresses with natural waistlines. It wouldn't be too difficult to adapt this Vogue Pattern into a approximation of the dress above, for example. And several designers showed skirts like this pretty one. Anna Sui had some pretty border print dresses that my inner flower child loved as well. I think I'd like to make a pretty border print dress. What designs have you seen that make you feel like sewing for Spring/Summer?


Venus de Hilo said...

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard... I want, nay, crave everything (almost) in the Anna Sui collection. Those dresses! The layering! Those boots! The tights! Sigh. I might have to move back to the mainland, where the weather is cool enough for boots and tights. If I could afford these clothes I'd never sew again. Of course, I'm 35 years older and 30+ pounds heavier than those models, but I can dream.

I have that Vogue pattern, maybe this will be the year I actually make something from it.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Love that Vogue pattern. I hadn't really seen its potential before.

AuntieAllyn said...

Oooh, there's lots to love in both the Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui collections! I've always been drawn to border prints (actually, prints in general) but it can be challenging to find a pattern that works well with them. If you want to see an IMmodest collection, take a look at Michael Kors . . . some truly gorgeous outfits, but there's a few garments that would get you arrested if you wore them out in public!

badmomgoodmom said...

I have a pile of turquoise fabrics shown in I plan an Issey Miyake top, a Perry Ellis top, a skirt from a Japanese pattern book, a jacket, a pair of pants & shorts. Oh, and the yarn will become a cabled shell.

I also want to sew up some denim pieced with west African batiks shown in

Oh, and Bad Dad bought tickets for our whole family to Tanzania in 2010! So I can do my own version of the African safari look.