Monday, February 15, 2010

At Last, Understanding

My mom always used to tell us this story when we were kids, but we didn't really understand the story until recently.
My father is color blind. (This is not normally a problem for him; he buys all of his socks the same color, so that they always match.)
When I was a baby, we lived in Buffalo. As you know, Buffalo is a very snowy place. The winter that I was one, and my brother just a little baby, it was very snowy. My father went out to dig out his car to go to work. He was a grocery store manager, and he had to get to work to open the store. They don't close stores in Buffalo because of snow. (When I was a child in California, my father would enthrall us with tales of walking to school barefoot, backwards, in blizzards and icy winds...but I digress.)
He went out to dig out the car, which was buried in snow. He tried to open the door, only to discover that he had dug out someone else's car.
Family legend has it that he turned on his heel, walked back into the apartment and instructed my Mother, "Pack up the kids, Martha, we're moving to California."
After the last week of weather, now I totally understand why.


Kathi said...

Cute story!! I am a Virginian through and through, but I am ready for some California sunshine!! said...

Oh no. I would too.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I am a California native (Angeleno, actually) and feeling a little nostalgic about now! DC finally decided to plow--throwing huge rocks of snow over sidewalks that were barely passable and have now disappeared.

cidell said...

That, is a brilliant story! I am so OVER the snow. Just OVER it.