Saturday, October 24, 2009

Venus vs. Mars

I know this will come as a shock to you, but men and women have different philosophies of housework. For example, my sister told me that when she and her husband were preparing for a dinner party, her husband started housecleaning by organizing the garage. She and I both agreed, this would not be where we would start cleaning.
I mentioned yesterday that we were expecting guests this evening. First thing this morning, Mr. Hunting Creek mowed the lawn (in the rain!) raked about sixteen leaves from the back porch and is now deep cleaning the laundry room. I'd be willing to bet money that no guest has ever white-glove inspected a laundry room, but he was brought up by a woman whose house cleaning standards exceeded those of Martha Stewart. (She used to clean up for the housekeeper! She used to iron underwear!)
Every woman I have asked says that they would clean the bathrooms, kitchen and living room first. Of the men I know, I think they'd say the attic, the garage, the garden shed and the laundry room. Then maybe they'd organize the junk drawer and sort socks before they moved on to the public rooms.
What would you clean first if the Queen/President/Parson/MIL was coming over for a visit? And what would your significant other clean first?


Myra said...

Your comment about the garage is so true, mine does that! For me, kitchen counters, dining room, den, baths, bedrooms somewhat, then back to kitchen/baths right before. I hve 4 small kids the kitchen does not last and has to be redone right before.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

My order is officially: kitchen, front room (I have an open floor plan and they're sort of the same), guest bath.

In reality it's more like 10 minutes in the kitchen, 40 minutes in the sewing room "sorting," 30 minutes playing in my closet, etc.

I live alone so I have nobody but myself to blame for things not getting done!

Lindsay T said...

DH might be able to scrub the tub and showers. But that's about it.

AuntieAllyn said...

Sigh, with no "significant other", I have the dubious pleasure of keeping everything clean and organized (or delegating it to the cleaning service). Bathrooms must be kept clean and tidy, followed closely by the kitchen and living room.

By the way, what did you think of Ivanka Trump's wedding gown . . . it was the first one I've seen in YEARS with SLEEVES! I thought it was absolutely gorgeous . . . I loved the lace overlaid/draped on top, and it's giving me ideas for future projects!