Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Timtex Experiments

What can you make with Timtex?
Hat brims, boxes, place mats, baggage tags, art quilt projects, gift cards, bowls, purses and much more.
Here are some baggage tags that I made last Christmas.

There was a project in Stitched in Time that used Timtex to make placemats, using printable fabric, that gave me ideas.
What if I made placemats with family pictures on them for a gift? Place cards for a holiday dinner? A printed recipe card with a picture as a gift card for a food gift? I think I'll try the placemat idea after I finish the baby quilt.
What else can you think of to do with Timtex?


Anonymous said...

Love the tags. I will have to give it a thought-- I am sure I could figure something to make with it!

Nancy W. said...

Love the baggage tags. I saw some somewhere else a while ago and was inspired as well. I never thought about using Timtex for them, but great idea. I'm thinking about using the timtex to make a new ipod cover.