Friday, July 10, 2009

Burda Tracing Time

Today I have a rare couple hours to myself, so I'm am tracing a couple patterns that I need to make from Burda's latest issues. The dress on the cover of the latest caught my eye. I am tracing it as a top, as I don't need the long sleeve top option in Virginia in the summer. It must be cooler in Germany than here. They show lots of long sleeved options for summer. (I'd faint from heat stroke if I wore some of their ideas: sequined pants and long sleeved silk high necked tops? In the summer? Really, Burda? It must be a cultural thing.)
Then I have to do an FBA, using my trusty copy of Fit For Real People, adjusting dolman sleeves. It looks pretty voluminous in the picture, so it may not need much at all. Although, on the other hand, that model is a wisp of a thing, whereas I am considerably more voluminous than she is. I'll lay a pattern piece on top of of the traced pattern of a similar top that I have already adjusted and see where I need more room.
The blue fake wrap skirt from last month's issue caught my daughter's eye, (as well as about every other thing in that issue. If you want your daughter to get interested in sewing, show her that issue. Lindsay T says the same. She made a dress for her daughter that is awesome.) My daughter has begged me to make it for her. So I will trace that too. Plus from this month's issue she likes the shirtwaist dress, the two high waist buttoned skirts and another dress. I hope I have enough tracing paper.
The other choices for me are this blue dress
and the red one.

I can't decide which I like better. Mr. Hunting Creek likes the blue one but also expressed appreciation for the red one. (I would also like the lace bedspread, and the diamond necklace in the box but that's not an option. What story are they telling here? Are they lying on the bed contemplating unwrapping that dress because of the fancy diamond necklace?) Their photographers and stylists have an interesting sense of humor. Maybe if I were German I'd get more of their visual jokes.

Don't forget that tonight we will do a drawing for the purse pattern featured earlier this week. Drop a comment on that post if you'd like to be in and sign up as a follower of the blog to be eligible for this drawing and the following ones later this month.
Happy Sewing!


Christina said...

I love the July issue. I just finished that cover dress (still need to do a photoshoot). The photoshoots are so interesting now, aren't they? :)

Faye Lewis said...

I can't wait to see your burda projects. said...

Ahh, tracing.

I have piles of patterns that I would like to trace (and my daughter wants me to make a skirt for her from a May 2007 Burda - but she's four and finicky, so I'm putting it off).

Barbara at Cat Fur Studio said...

I love that same exact 'cut out shoulder' dress. And I will be making one soon.

As for the German summer styles - I lived there for three years in the 80s. It is (as you suspect), indeed much colder (and wetter) there in Germany in the summer than in the eastern US seaboard! I remember, when I lived there, never, but never wearing shorts and sleeveless clothing, even in the midst of July.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I vote for the blue dress. I love the unusual assymetric wrap. My favorite part of that picture is how the guy is lovingly kissing her hand and she is lovingly looking at...the camera.