Saturday, June 6, 2009

Book Review: Weekend Sewing: More Than 40 Projects and Ideas for Inspired Stitching

I bought some new sewing books this week and that's always fun, because while I am reading them and trying out the patterns, if anyone interrupts me I can say that I am working. New sewing books are great; there are lots of good ideas out there, and I like to read all the new books to see if I can capture any good ideas for my sewing. This book is full of good ideas for weekend sewing. For most of us, that's the only time we get to sew. This charming book highlights simple projects that one could make in a weekend. There are patterns attached inside the front and back covers, and the projects include everything from a wrap skirt to napkins and a tablecloth to a simple shirt. Plus the book is written in a friendly reassuring style. Many projects are suitable for beginners. Each project is accompanied with illustrated diagrams and complete instructions. I've been sewing so long that I don't need instructions for most projects, but I have to confess that her method for putting together a pillowcase was something I had never even thought of doing before. If I had had a book like this when my kids were little I would have made the little tent and pillow and ground cloth for backyard and picnic adventures; they would have loved it. There are lots of great gift ideas included as well: easy garden gloves (she recommends Liberty knits - I did not even know Liberty MADE knits. Now I need some!), a super cute make-up/toiletries travel bag that would work for men and women as a perfect customized gift, pajamas for everyone and much more. There are lots of good ideas in here and I look forward to customizing some of them for my own projects. Plus she includes recipes for some of her favorite easy dishes. That peach, basil and fresh mozzarella salad is now on my list when summer peaches arrive.
Heather likes to cook and sew and I think if we knew each other we'd have a lot to talk about. This book would make a great gift for someone you know who is getting into sewing or coming back to sewing after a long break(or yourself). I liked the fact that she included a list of her favorite music to sew by. She had interesting choices...of course I had to ask my 18 year old son for a sample. Mr. Hunting Creek likes to play music that matches what he is making for dinner. I could do this for sewing too: surf guitar for Hawaiian shirts, bossa nova for evening wear, folk music for peasant skirts...(maybe patterns should come with MP3s?)
What music do you like to sew by?


cidell said...

This book has been on my wish list for ages. But, I was worried it would be too beginner. What do you think? I think I still may get it. I need to write a review of the quilting book. It is probably the best one I've ever gotten.

Nancy W. said...

Thanks for posting this review. I read the reviews at Amazon, and they were not very favorable, saying there were a number of mistakes in the book (I don't remember if it was pattern pieces or instructions) These kind of books are always nice to look at anyway.

Little Hunting Creek said...
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Little Hunting Creek said...

Heather has a link in her blog with corrections to known errors her book: