Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Lily Blooms

Look! The lily bulbs with the weird flowers started blooming today. BSE and DBiL gave me these lily bulbs for my birthday in March, and we (that's the Royal We, that means I told the Under Gardener where I wanted them, and they were planted there) only planted these a few weeks ago. They grew as fast as the alien life forms that they are. Alien Body-snatcher lilies. Look how they shrunk the dog!

Here's the Anti-Squirrel Patrol on the Hunt, looking for traces of evil-doing from the Vast Squirrel Empire. See all the branches on the ground? The wind and rain yesterday blew those down. Sometimes they hit the roof with a big crash. Once a big branch pierced the roof! OUCH! Say goodbye to $500 when THAT happens! Luckily, these branches were of the small, not piercing variety.
I checked my persimmon tree today and I have about 20 baby persimmons. They are difficult to spot because they are small and don't turn that burnt orange persimmon color until after the first frost. Last year we got ONE persimmon, so I am hopeful we will do better than that this year.
How is your garden growing?


Lindsay T said...

I didn't know you have springers! I love those dogs. I have the smaller line--an English cocker spaniel. Same personality as a springer, loving and goofy.

gwensews said...

Great photos! Love the flora!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Alas, I live in a 3rd floor walkup condo and have no garden, but I love living vicariously in yours! I suppose all that rain was worth it.