Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Groovy Sewing

I told Mr. Hunting Creek that the best part of this picture is that the man is pinning up the hem! He kind of looks like an older Cary Grant, maybe from one of those madcap comedies. He's pinning up her hem, because he is pretending to be a couturier while in fact he is an international jewel thief in hiding from Interpol. And what better way to meet rich ladies with lots of jewels?

This fun book has lots of great information.(But nothing, alas, on pretending to be a designer while hiding from Interpol.)
I especially like reading fashion advice from 1967. From page 4, "A large collar, an unusual neckline or an interesting trim can draw attention to a pretty face. Out of proportion hips may go unnoticed."
Or this advice: "For Shopping: In the city, a simple dress or suit is most appropriate. Add a comfortable top coat if necessary, Pants are out."
And finally, my favorite: "The homemaker often makes the mistake of wearing old clothes to do her daily tasks. This is really not a good idea. Your morale is higher, your work efficiency greater when you are dressed in comfortable, becoming clothes." Plus, little homemaker, you must think of the example you are setting for the children! I started to hum that old song that went something like, "hey little girl, comb your hair, fix your makeup..." because of course you must put on a dress and makeup just before the Mister came home. (If I did that Mr. Hunting Creek would want to know where we were going.)
For an extra treat, tucked inside the book was a Simplicity Pattern flyer from Spring 1967. Look at the colors!

I realized what was bothering me about the retro looks nowawdays - they got the shoes wrong. These heels are sensible. In the 60's, you didn't wear high heels in the day time, according to my neighbor. High heels were for evening, she says.
Of course I am studying this like the CIA studies the yearly Kremlin Christmas Card photos.
Thanks to my Dad, who sent me this cool stuff. Soon I will be an expert on the covered button use of 1967.
(I might even try making that blue dress for this spring. It's been added to the inspiration file. But I'm NOT doing the hair.)
Happy Sewing!


Lindsay T said...

Fun! Have you ever checked out the Taschen books on 60s and 70s fashion? They show a lot of sewing pattern ads from those eras.

cidell said...

I love it! Thank you for sharing. You're right, the heels *are* all wrong.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I *love* that blue dress. You must make it. I also love that combination library/walk in closet/sewing room in which the hem-pinning is taking place. I could use a space like that!

Little Hunting Creek said...

The Blue dress is Simplicity 6964 from spring 1967. That will be fun to find, yes? Although I think I could copy the look with a modern pattern

kasizzle said...

I just love your imagination!