Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Sign Update

Someone stole the signs AGAIN! And replaced our signs with their candidate's signs! These people are shameless! So Mr. Hunting Creek went and got MORE (twice as many) and placed them all along the road. However, he did not remove their sign, because that would be wrong. (We were tempted, but our better angels said no) But their sign is now surrounded :) Only 1 more day...

Did I mention the free single scoop of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream if you VOTE?( I think I'll get cinnamon bun ice cream)

The whole world is watching, so let's all go and show them how it's done.

Mr. Hunting Creek and Ms. Hunting Creek and I will go at 6a and vote early. And make sure that our signs are still there.

Happy Voting!

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cidell said...

I'm catching up. Are you serious?