Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where would you wear THAT?

Sometimes my customers call me with a sewing or quilting question and that's always fun. I love talking to people about sewing and they always have something interesting to say. Yesterday a nice woman named Alicia called me to ask about some of the Vintage Vogue Patterns we have on the website. She wanted to know what kind of fabric to use for one of the dresses and how I would go about making it. I offered my suggestions and she said, "what about that Mrs Peel Jumpsuit? Where would you wear THAT?"
Now normally most people don't ask for guidance from me about where to wear their creations. Usually I leave this up to your discretion. But I realize that some people might appreciate my guidance; after all, it is commonly assumed that we lead pretty glamourous lives here at Little Hunting Creek.
Let's about at a meeting with James Bond, after dark at Rock Creek Park to snatch up a dead drop from a double agent before the other side gets wind of the documents? In gorgeous iridescent silk, in a New York bar? Don't forget the killer heels! Or there's that wedding on a windy beach in Northern California - the wind would blow a skirt all over the place, but a Mrs. Peel Jumpsuit might be just the thing. Riding in an open jeep on the road to Hana. And helping out the Ferrari Pit Crew! Or parachuting into Bhutan. Where CAN'T you wear a jumpsuit? Better order that silk now!
Next time you need advice, our highly trained Fashion Advice Team is standing by.
Happy Sewing!

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