Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dear NY Times Fashion Editor

Dear New York Times Fashion Editor,

What were you thinking? Oh, weren't thinking. (or thinking like a five year old girl who wears her ballet tutu even to bed, she loves it SO MUCH!)
What sane woman, what normal American gal wants to wear tight black sequined leather leggings? Or as one male member of the Little Hunting Creek Fashion Advice Team put it, "what gal wants sequins on her butt?"
Dear Editor, in future, please show some pants that non-pole dancers would wear.
These pants are shown with the model reclining. This is because she had to lie down and suck it in to get them on, even though she is a size negative zero, and also because she could not stand up in those shoes. Also, they are described as a "bargain" at $245.00. After we were all done laughing hysterically, we decided that perhaps there were places where one COULD theoretically wear them. For instance, if one were able to drive ones' silver DeLorean back in time to the 80's disco Studio 54. Or to Rat Pack concert at the Sands hotel in Vegas, baby. One MUST be careful to wear them in appropriate venues; however, one would not wish to be mistaken for a Pretty Woman kind of girl. We are pretty sure that designing these pants would result in elimination from Project Runway

The Little Hunting Creek Fashion Advice Team

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The Slapdash Sewist said...

LOL at comments about the model's position--I remember the 80s and laying down on the bed to zip the jeans. You're right, she *had* to have done the same thing to get those suckers on.