Monday, August 25, 2008

The Almanac Knows

Our weather here in Northern Virgina has been amazingly pleasant the last few weeks - way too pleasant to sit inside and sew. My son and I were discussing this phenomenon and we both agreed, weather this pleasant MUST mean that we will get a horrible winter. We didn't get hardly any snow last winter and to a high school guy that's a big disappointment - no snow days! He saw that the almanac had also predicted a heavy snowfall for us this upcoming winter and advised me in his scientific tone of voice that of course it was impossible to predict the weather with any accuracy more than a week ahead. Which means that we'll get lots of snow, right?
I'll have to work on my coat muslin so I can finish my winter coat before it gets cold. Since our weather has been so wacky lately that could be any day now.
I'd better get started on my fall sewing before we are buried in snow!
What are you sewing for fall?

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The Slapdash Sewist said...

I saw that article in the Post! I feel that we're going to have a crazy snowy winter. But I think I thought that last year, too. I am not good at predicting weather. But it has been six years since we had our almost-blizzard, and I feel like eventually it's gonna happen again.