Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Weekly Reader

Picture from the National Gallery of Art Exhibit

I loved this walk through of the Matisse exhibit.

"Surgery had left Matisse debilitated, basically chair- and bed-bound. Painting and sculpture had become difficult. His solution was almost child-simple. He picked up more manageable materials and tools: sheets of paper paint-washed by assistants, sturdy scissors and plain tailor pins"

Proof that you have to make your art with the tools you have, to paraphrase a famous musician.

Men care more about out fancy kitchens than women do.

Well of course they do. In this survey, they asked single women and single men. My guess would be single men would see a fancy kitchen as a trophy, and women would see it as a workspace,
Just a theory. Women don't dream of kitchens, sexist researcher people. Kitchens =work to most women. We've been stuck in there for centuries. We'd like to spend less time there, on the whole.
Just sayin'

The story behind Irving Berlin's "Always" is even more romantic than I imagined.

It snowed six inches last night, which is small potatoes compared to New England, but is a state of emergency for Virginia. Stay warm!


badmomgoodmom said...

My husband bought me the exhibition catalog.

The mythology that Matisse worked in bed and created these collages alone was promoted to raise the stature (and selling prices) of the works.

In reality, he had a small army of assistants painting, pinning and cutting. He was barely able to hold the scissors. There is a video showing an assistant holding the paper, turning it this way and that way, while Matisse held the scissors and squeezed the handles. The assistant, not Matisse, was directing the cut shape.

I love the cutout collages. I just want to end the mythology of the lone genius working alone.

badmomgoodmom said...

BTW, have you read the book, Home: a short history of an idea?

R.W. surveyed the literature about home design and summarized that men write about homes as a place of repose while women write about it in terms of workplace ergonomics.

We are working with architects and contractors on a major remodel. Both of us cook and we are interested in both looks and function.