Monday, October 22, 2012

UFO Control

Velvet Tree Skirt

October may be a little early to complete a Christmas Tree Skirt, but I cut this out last December and then got too busy doing other tins and it kept getting put off until it was too late to sew it. And who wants to work on a tree skirt in January through September?
It's made out of star-embossed velvet that I found on the sale table at Hancock's Fabrics. .Some sewists like to cut out many things while they are cutting; they like a stack of projects waiting for them and go merrily from one to the next. I have discovered that this approach makes me feel oppressed, feeling like I have left things undone. Then I get off on a tangent and things get put aside, and then a year goes by and I feel guilty. No more. I vowed last January that I was converting to a one project at a time person. I have a basket of incomplete things that have been weighing on me, so yesterday I cleared the worktable and looked at what I had waiting. The tree skirt looked like an instant gratification project. The words Velvet and instant gratification are not combined in sewing literature for good reasons. Velvet is a tricky, slippery customer. Velvet made out of unknown , possibly man made materials, slippery-er still. It didn't want to feed evenly, even with my Pfaff even feeding foot turned on. Pinning only helped a little. I ended up basting the whole thing - which is like basting a very large circle skirt. Not quick. Not difficult, but certainly not instant. I could understand why I had set it aside when I got busy last December - velvet tree skirts should only be attempted in leisure hours in October. I was determined to finish yesterday and there it is draped over a chair; Christmas Trees being  somewhat scarce this time of year.
Next up, from the UFO pile: a Forest Green Stretch Velvet top. Because I love green and velvet and  I'm a glutton for punishment. I cut this out last December too, but was too busy to finish it so now is the time.(Quick and easy, right? This is Vogue 7264 view A. My notes remind me that this is a stretch velvet from Gorgeous Fabrics. It's soft and such a pretty green. The pattern is OOP, and the fabric is sold out. But she has other pretty things :)
Are you a one project at a time sewist, or a multiple choice sewist? I am a recovering Multiple Choicer.
This is not to imply that I have no more UFOs lurking about; I do. Now with every two completed ones I get to start a new thing. Baby steps.


T. Sedai said...

I used to be very much a one-project-at-a-time sort of person, but that has changed somewhat the past year. Especially when I started sewing more for other people - definitely had to have multiple projects going. It made me a little batty when I tried to apply this to my personal sewing though - I felt like I wasn't making things fast enough and like I was getting behind. So I have decided to try to go back to fewer projects at a time - one cut out to be worked on, and one in the planning/fitting stages at a time. That way I can have multiple projects going on, but not so many as to feel rushed or stressed about getting things finished.

Venus de Hilo said...

I've never yet managed a one-project focus, although it's a lovely and appealing concept.

badmomgoodmom said...

We are like minds. I used to put away UFOs in plastic bins, and then wondered why I didn't have any empty bins when I needed them.

Now, if the UFO bin is full, I can't start another. I try to finish one UFO for every new project I start. This year, I finished two things that I started pre-baby! OMG, I need to go work on her 12th bday party preparations now.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I am definitely one project at a time. I cut out a dress about a month ago but then realized how little time I had to sew for my trip and did several projects while the cut pieces just sat there and it made me quite anxious! I sewed it up as soon as I got home.

Lovely tree skirt!