Monday, October 8, 2012

Do Not Throw Rocks Into The Water

The National Park Service doesn't even say please do not throw rocks into the water. Just Don’t. OK?

Taking that tone makes me want to throw rocks, although normally I’m not a rock-throwing kind of person. This is why certain groups get upset over what they perceive as excessive Government regulations , I think. In a lot of ways, they don’t like that Hermione tone of voice.

We took my new wheelchair out for a spin at Jones Point Park, under the Wilson Bridge. It’s been landscaped and fixed up and is a beautiful place to view the boats on the Potomac, or launch your small boat or canoe, or have a picnic by the water. Just don’t throw rocks.

We walked all the way north from the Wilson Bridge into Old Town. Well, Mr. Hunting Creek walked, I rode like Cleopatra in my new wheelchair. It was cool, but not too cold. We saw dogs playing in the dog park, (Alexandria is a dog-loving city), kids playing in the kid-park (likewise for children) and looked at all of the pretty doorways and river views.

The view is different from a wheelchair. I blessed the Americans with Disabilities Act at every curb and street crossing. The Park and the City of Alexandria are both remarkably disability -friendly. When I wasn't disabled I appreciated the ramps on the sidewalks for stroller pushing purposes, now that I am disabled, I find that it makes walking with a cane or riding in a wheelchair just that much easier.

Now that I am disabled, I have no patience with people who complain about handicapped parking spaces. My kids don’t either,now. They make those whiners cringe like bad dogs with a chilly, “My Mother is disabled,” It’s amazing how thoughtless some people are.
I was on a call,  and before the call started a friend asked how I was doing, and I mentioned my new medication treatments. A third person asked what the therapy was for and when I said MS, she stated, “Oh My God, if that were me I’d kill myself!” I had the presence of mind to gently say, “perhaps it is fortunate that it is me instead.”
People! M.S. is not a death sentence! Therefore, do not say stupid stuff like that. When you notice that I use a cane and a wheelchair, don’t blurt out what a shame it is that I am a burden to my husband, and ask how he is “taking it.” He is taking things just fine and enjoys driving the wheelchair. I think he enjoys having complete power over what I get to see and where I get to go. And it’s a man’s dream come true for shopping purposes - I can only go where he pushes, (he is a good sport about going on thread, yarn and pattern runs).

When we came back home from our walk,  I found a late Clematis blooming in the front garden. Don’t we all appreciate late bloomers even more than the early blossoms?  Something to think about.


Beangirl said...

I had sort of assumed you had MS just from previous comments you've made about your health, and girl I'm going to tell you right now I never, no not ever once thought to myself, "Now there's a woman who's gonna be a burden on people."

Just saying.

Also, what the hell is wrong with people? Someone did NOT say that to you. you made that shit up, right?

oops. sorry. language.

I don't care. I'm leaving it.

It's pretty awesome that your area is so wheelchair-friendly.

Mary said...

I actually LIKE the fact that there is no please in the sign. Too many years teaching, I guess. Please sit down worked 99.9% of the time but sometimes a "Sit down!" was necessary.

Glad you have new wheels-is it totally tricked out? I used one 5 years ago when I was busted up from head to toe and I learned firsthand about mobility and access.

gwensews said...

You have a great attitude. Best wishes your way. And--do not throw rocks! Except at rude people!