Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scary Patterns: Creepy Clowns

What kind of twisted person did the artwork on this pattern envelope? That taller clown is the creepiest, most horrifying thing that ever haunted a Stephen King story.
View 1, lower right corner i plenty creepy as well. Is that lipstick on her mouth, or blood?  Best not to look too closely.
The brave or twisted soul who made this pattern back in the dark ages of the 1970s was so traumatized that She  quickly folded it up and crammed it back in the envelope. She never made it again, ( she had her reasons)and it languished until my sister found it lurking in an antique shop in North Carolina.
Are you brave enough to make this? Maybe you have a dark and twisted evil streak that enjoys scaring small children with clowns, so that they grow up and live in Maine and write multi-million selling horror stories.
If one or both options are true, find it here.You have been warned...


KC said...

Very creepy indeed. But very funny!

Izzie said...

I'm pretty sure my Mom used this pattern to make costumes for my sister and I...that probably explains a lot! LOL